Human Rights Day Ceremony

Human Rights Day Ceremony

On Saturday, December 10th, Cape Orchard Co. Namibia’s employees hosted a traditional blessing ceremony in honor of Human Rights Day. Members of the Kavango, Caprivian, Oshiwambo, and Herero cultural groups performed with singing, dancing, prayers, speeches and reward giving.

Traditionally, each cultural group has a chief. To demonstrate gratitude and honor to CEO Gerhard de Kock, these cultural groups asked permission from their chief to designate Mr. de Kock as ‘Chief’ of Cape Orchard Co. with traditional honorary customs. These include the presentation of a leopard skin, a wooden staff, wooden beaded necklaces and bracelets, and gifts of traditional food staples, such as Mahangu and dried greens.

In the words of Petrus ‘Lala’ Hakusembe from the Kavango cultural group,

“When someone does something great, you cannot just give thanks. You must show that this is a brave winner. That is why we covered Mr. de Kock with the leopard skin. The sign of the wooden stick is to show that Mr. de Kock has stood up, he did not fall down but has raised the business upward.”

We humbly thank the members of each cultural group that participated in this celebration for the honor they bestowed upon Cape Orchard Co.!